Although having life insurance makes you feel more secure, it does not offer any protection in any way. Several factors go into approving or denying a life insurance claim.

You may believe that you are protected now that you have a life insurance policy, but the reality is that you are still in a very precarious position. Life insurance policies frequently experience delays or are even declined entirely for a wide variety of reasons. It is possible, for instance, that your insurance company will not pay out if you have lied to them about your condition or how you have been living. Your insurance company will not pay out if you have lied about either of these things. Although this is undoubtedly an important reason, eight others contributed to the rejection of the claim or the delay in its processing that should also be considered.

You Provided Misleading Information

When signing up for life insurance, most people must go through a medical check first. The applicant’s risk profile, which is computed using data from the form and any relevant medical history, is one factor that determines the amount of the applicant’s insurance premium.

Your insurance claim could be denied if you lie on your application. In addition, the insurer has the right to refuse to pay out on your insurance policy if it turns out that the information you failed to disclose was essential in risk assessment and determining premiums.

Your Premiums are Overdue

Your life insurance policy will be active only so long as the most recent premium payment has been made. Suppose you let your insurance policy lapse by not paying its premiums or canceling it altogether. In that case, the insurance company is under no obligation to honor a claim that you submit during that time.


If the policyholder commits suicide within a particular time frame – usually two years from the policy’s commencement date – the policy will be null and void. Put another way, if you commit suicide during that time frame, your heirs may receive nothing.

Exaggerated Claims of Youth

Life insurance applications require an accurate age statement. If you give false information about your age when applying for insurance, the company has the right to deny your claim and increase your monthly payments.

Abuse of Alcohol or Drugs

If you apply for life insurance but leave out the fact that you have a problem with drug misuse, the insurance company may decide not to pay out on your claim. They also have the option of saying no if it can be demonstrated that your use of drugs or alcohol contributed in some way to your untimely death.

Risky Interests

Not disclosing potentially hazardous activities on a life insurance application can result in a claim being denied. If it is proven that your involvement in such activities contributed to your death, they may also refuse to pay out.

Ignoring Professional Medical Advice

Failure to adhere to the prescribed course of treatment may result in a claim being denied by your insurer. Imagine you have been told you have cancer, but you choose to ignore your doctor’s advice and not receive treatment. The insurance firm could argue that your actions contributed to your untimely demise.

Death Occurs After the Policy Period Has Ended

One or two years is the normal length of coverage provided by a life insurance policy. The insurance company will not pay out if you die before the specified period.

Coverage Does Not Extend to the Event of Death

Life insurance policies typically require the policyholder to name a death benefit amount and beneficiaries at the time of purchase. However, some insurance policies do not cover specific deaths. Deaths resulting from war or terrorism, for instance, are typically not covered by life insurance policies.

There are blanks on the death certificate

The insurance company will need a copy of the death certificate to process your claim. An incomplete death certificate could slow down death claims. Talk to the funeral home or morgue where your loved one passed away to verify the accuracy of the information recorded on the death certificate.


If your claim for life insurance has been denied or put on hold, you should go over the paperwork associated with your policy and get in touch with the insurance provider.

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