In response to rising client demand for more adaptable and flexible options, The Standard Group announces an expansion of its annuity offerings with the new Enhanced Choice Index (ECI). ECI is a single-premium deferred index annuity with four distinct index interest crediting strategies designed to maximize growth potential.

“This product series enables The Standard for the first time to offer volatility-controlled indexes and an enhanced participation rate feature,” said Rich Lane, The Standard’s Vice President of Individual Annuities Sales and Marketing. “We’re proud to say that we’re the first annuity to offer the brand-new S&P 500 ESG Daily Risk Control 5% Excess Return Index, which we think fits with the values of our socially conscious clients.”

Volatility control is provided by three of the index crediting strategies, giving customers the opportunity for higher growth while also making them less susceptible to market fluctuations. 

Policyholders of ECI will get interested based on the participation rate, which is a percentage of the index’s annual growth. Policyholders can pay a fee to receive an enhanced index participation rate, allowing the annuity fund to grow faster. The five-year versions of the ECI will have guaranteed participation rates for the term, except for the S&P 500® Index strategy. The ten-year version’s participation rates will be renewed on an annual basis.

The Standard’s ECI offers several advantages, including tax-deferred growth and durations of five, seven, or ten years. The Guaranteed Minimum Accumulation Benefit alleviates consumer worries about fees, which ensures 100% of the original premium after the surrender charge period, less any withdrawals and surrender charges.

“The ECI diverse index-crediting strategies will benefit both customers and partners,” said Alan Assner, The Standard’s assistant vice president of Individual Annuities. “With our competitive fixed-rate offerings and streamlined fixed-index products, we are proud of our position as a top-tier annuity provider.” We anticipate the ECI will appeal to a broader range of clients, national marketing offices, and producers across our distribution channels.”

The Standard has a long history of providing consumer-friendly annuity products and services, all backed by The Standard’s financial strength and demonstrated by more than 100 years of A.M. Best Company’s “A” rating or higher.

Please call The Standard at 800.378.4578 or visit for more information.

About The Standard Group

The Standard is a group of companies dedicated to assisting customers in achieving financial security and peace of mind. We have provided financial protection products and services to employers and individuals since 1906. You can get retirement plans and annuities for both businesses and individuals, as well as group and individual disability insurance, group life, dental, and vision insurance, voluntary (employee-paid) benefits, absence management services, and more at the standard group insurance rate. Visit for more information, or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

StanCorp Financial Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries are known as The Standard, including Standard Insurance Company, The Standard Life Insurance Company of New York, Standard Retirement Services, Inc., StanCorp Mortgage Investors, Inc., StanCorp Investment Advisers, Inc., StanCorp Real Estate, LLC, and StanCorp Equities, Inc.

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