Most individuals start by calculating how much life insurance they need and what policy to buy. You’ll need help making these choices, so here’s how to locate an agent who can help you get life insurance. Each life insurance agent must receive a license from their home state and engage in continuing education. Variable life and variable universal life insurance are considered investments. Hence, agents must have a Series 6 and Series 63 license. Asking a trusted friend or family member for an agent reference is common. Your suggested agent may have professional certificates.

Typical Mediating Parties

Your options for home service agents were restricted to the following individuals for many years. They would either come to your house/place of business or request that you go to their office.

1. Captive Agents are restricted to selling insurance for a single provider. If you want to be successful while working with a captive agent, you need to have faith in both the agent and the firm that employs them.

2. Independent Agents allow customers to purchase insurance plans from a broad range of firms. Independent insurance agents benefit from seeking a firm that provides coverage that is tailored to their client’s specific requirements. This can be of utmost significance if you have particular underwriting concerns.

3. Career Agents have licenses with several different firms but maintain a primary connection with only one of those companies. However, career agents do have the opportunity to examine the markets of other firms in addition to offering you a policy from the principal insurer employing them.

Online/Direct Agents

Due to advances in electronic technology, many of us now shop online or directly. You may choose from various organizations that allow you to get a quote online, followed by a phone call or online chat with a salesperson. This option is favored by many since it fits their busy schedules and saves them the trouble of meeting in person.

Two types of firms provide online or direct sales to clients.

Captive Direct Agents operate in a manner very similar to that of captive agents in that they can only sell insurance for a single organization.

Aggregator Agents look through a list of available businesses to discover a policy that meets your needs, similar to how an independent or professional agent would.

In any case, you may call or chat online with an agent who can help you choose the right insurance. Progress has been made toward an online experience without direct representative engagement. Choosing an agent is an extremely personal decision, and there is no “best” one. Consider your buying habits before choosing a broker.

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After a 25 year career in personal banking I saw a need for financial education and retirement planning for those approaching retirement.

In recent years I have focused primarily on federal employee from both the CSRS & FERS systems. These federal employee face challenges in getting the information they need to make the best decisions for creating a successful retirement plan. I assist these individuals in navigating the retirement process.

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