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Charleston , South Carolina

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Helping people plan a secure financial future > REDUCE YOUR TAXES > CUT YOUR INVESTMENT COSTS > PLAN YOUR RETIREMENT > MEDICARE SOLUTIONS MADE EASYWE HELP OUR CLIENTS CONSERVATIVELY MANAGE THEIR INVESMENTS AND MAXIMIZE THEIR RETIREMENT INCOME.FRANK URBAN is a well-known financial speaker and educator in Charleston, South Carolina, and is President and Founder of The URBAN Advisory Group LLC, A Registered Investment Advisor, URBAN Healthcare Solutions For Seniors and is a Federal Employee Benefits Specialist. His expertise is helping retirees and those soon to retire avoid common, costly financial mistakes. For over 30 years Frank has been advising retirees and pre-retirees, including past & present employees of the U.S. Government, Veterans and their families, and many past and current owners and employees of local businesses as well as those from out of the area who choose to relocate to Charleston.He is/has been a member of the National Ethics Bureau, an organization that promotes consumer confidence by providing a source to verify business ethics for financial and insurance advisors.Frank has lectured widely on financial topics, hosted a Safe Money and Retirement Radio Show on WTMA 1250AM and speaks regularly to investors in greater Charleston and the surrounding areas. He attended Northeastern University and served in the United States Marine Corps. Frank has 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren and lives West of the Ashley with his wife Donna.Office: (843)556-7400 Email: [email protected] Cell: (843)729-8667

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