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Boynton Beach , Florida

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Erik Ranberg, Certified Federal Retirement Consultant (FRC℠) and Marine Veteran, has a unique ability to cut through the “fancy speak” and help you understand the complexity of your Federal Benefits. Erik has over 20 years of experience in the retirement arena assisting public servants at the Federal, State, Municipal and Educator levels. Erik assists Federal Employees complete their retirement and disability applications, provides guidance to project and plan retirement income, establish multi-pension/income streams, and avoid the tax traps that many retirees often fall victim to. Whether you become a client or not, you will walk away with a thorough, clear, and easy to understand knowledge with respect to your individual retirement wishes. Erik’s unique background which includes the US Marines, the utility construction industry and then financial services provides a “no pressure, nothing to sell you” common sense approach you will enjoy.

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