Federal Employee Leads For Great Financial Advisors

If you are a financial professional who has a great deal of expertise in federal employee benefits, then you may be eligible to receive introductions to federal employee leads that have contacted IndexedUniversal.life.  We connect well-trained and licensed insurance agents with federal employees looking for better life insurance options.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance policies are one of the latest evolutions of life insurance products on the market that potentially allows policyholders to earn some returns as part of their premium payments. IndexedUniversal.Life can enable federal employees to connect with local IUL experts who can recommend the IUL insurance plan that meets their unique needs.

Why We Recommend IUL for Federal Employees

Typical life insurance policies only provide a death benefit when a policyholder passes away, and the beneficiaries listed on the policy receives the death benefit. However, the policyholder is not likely to get an opportunity to enjoy any other benefits from the policy while they are still alive.  IUL policies differ from Whole Life insurance policies because cash value returns are tracked using an underlying market index. The S&P 500 is one of the indices that are commonly used to monitor cash value returns. Whether a policyholder can select more than one market index depends on the type of IUL policy and insurance carrier.

A policyholder receives a positive return when the market index performs well. However, it is important to point out that a policyholder’s principal amount has some degree of protection, even if the underlying market index performs poorly. IUL policies have a fixed account option where policyholders can place their cash value funds and earn some interest at the end of the year.

IUL policyholders are only required to pay some extra amount in their monthly premiums to begin cash value accumulation.  The additional funds are placed in the cash value account with the hope of generating some returns after a specified period of time. However, it is important to point out that IUL insurance policies typically sets an interest ‘cap,’ or limit on how much you can profit from the market going up, and in the process limiting the amount interest that a client can receive.

The IUL policy is a viable life insurance plan for federal employees as it enables one to earn interest on their premium payments when they are still alive. Federal employees interested in the IUL policy can always use IndexedUniversal.Life as a resource for more information.

Knowledgeable financial professionals looking for federal employee leads can also expect to find interested clients who need their help through IndexedUniversal.Life.

How IndexedUniversal.Life Works

 IndexedUniversal.Life attempts to takes life insurance to the next level by connecting some of the best IUL companies to potential clients. The website has valuable information and resources about IUL insurance, making it a significant resource for agents interested in federal employee leads.

Federal employees that are not satisfied with their current life insurance policy can visit the website to inquire about the IUL policy and provide their contact information to make it possible for them to get connected with a local IUL expert. IUL experts will then prepare a report based on these federal employee leads, customized to the customer.

The customer is expected to select an IUL policy and company that addresses their specific needs. Moreover, customers can always download their free reports on the lead generation site before making their purchasing decision. IndexedUniversal.Life’s IUL experts are financial professionals who may also act as insurance agents for various IUL life insurance companies. However, financial professionals interested in federal employee leads have to demonstrate that they have the client’s best interest at heart before any information can be released. As a result, local professionals that are knowledgeable about IULs have an excellent opportunity to help federal employees maximize their retirement benefits.

Many insurance companies offer IUL products, and it is always crucial for agents to work closely with prospective clients to ensure that they receive the best information concerning the IUL policy. Failure to address their customer’s needs may cost an insurance agency an opportunity to benefit from IndexedUniversal.Life’s federal employee leads.